Below you will find links to various dog-related resources and information. (If you find a link that no longer works, please let me know here!)

Adoption & Rescue
Adopt a dog
Hi Tor Animal Care Center
Poodle Rescue of CT
AKC rescue list

Dog Food Information
Dog Food Advisor
Picking the best food
The Truth About Dog Food
Ingredient Glossary

Dr. Jean Dodds: When too much of a good thing turns bad
New Vaccination protocols
Vaccine antibody titers
Small dogs and vaccine reactions
Rabies Vaccination: How to vaccinate more safely
Rabies Challenge Fund

General Health
Dog Diarrhea Survival Guide
Health benefits of coconut oil
Dog hair loss
Safe household cleaners for homes with allergic pets

Pet Poison/Toxicity
Pet Poison Helpline
Common items that are dangerous to dogs
Pets & Poisons

Emergency Clinics (local)
Veterinary Emergency Group (123 E. Rt. 59, Nanuet NY, 845-536-5645)
Oradell Animal Hospital (580 Winters Ave., Paramus NJ, 201-262-0010)
Valley Cottage Animal Hospital (202 Rt. 303, Valley Cottage NY, 845-268-9263)

Local Pet Stores
Pet Nutrition Center (115 E. Rt 59, Nanuet NY)
Bark Ridge (23 Hawthorne Ave, Park Ridge NJ)
Wholistic Paws (215 Chestnut St, Ridewood NJ and 60 E Main St, Ramsey NJ)
Westwood Feed (515 Broadway, Westwood NJ)

Pet Insurance
Pet Insurance Reviews
Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

Training Miscellaneous
Crate training dos-and-don’ts
10 Things Your Dog Trainer Won’t Tell You
Why not to use retractable leashes
Dogwidgets DW-14 Vibration Only collar (no shock!)

Skunk smell removal
What to do when your dog gets sprayed by a skunk
Removing skunk smell from dogs
Far better than tomato juice…

Online Pet Pharmacies
California Pet Pharmacy

The truth about that puppy in the window
Why not to give a pet as a holiday gift
Behavior differences between pet store puppies and those from breeders
Air travel with pets