Private Training

Private training is when the training takes place in your home. It differs from Day Training in that the trainer does not do the training; she coaches you how to do it effectively.  In private training, you need to practice at least once a day (better if it’s multiple times a day for short periods) in order for your dog to learn what you’re teaching.  I liken it to learning to play the piano. If you only play for the hour that the teacher is there, you will never learn to play the piano. You have to practice every day.  Same thing with dog training!

Advantages of Private Training:

  • My attention will be focused on you and your dog only – there are no other dogs/handlers there.
  • We can customize what you want to teach your dog – it’s not a set curriculum in most cases.
  • I come to your home, so no need for you to make time to travel  to me.

Disadvantages of Private Training:

  • The biggest disadvantage is that your dog doesn’t learn to work around the distraction of people he doesn’t know and other dogs.  Sometimes dogs are beautifully behaved at home, but when you get them out and about, they “forget” everything. This is why I always suggest that people follow private training with a group class.
  • The cost is higher for private lessons than for a group (where, essentially, the group shares the cost).

If you are interested in having your dog trained in your home but having me do the training instead of you, see Day Training. If you’re interested in Group Class Training, please click here.

If you’d like to talk about private training, contact me!