Group Class Training

Group class training is when a trainer instructs a group of people and their dogs. In a group class, you should not only be taught well, but you should feel that you are getting your share of attention and not feel left out or passed over.  That’s why I keep my group classes very small – it ensures that everyone gets individualized attention. No one ever gets left out in my groups! Tip: Be careful of your very inexpensive groups –  sometimes there’s a reason for that. Sometimes it’s because it’s an inexperienced trainer, sometimes it’s because there are going to be a lot of students there. (In group classes, basically everyone shares the cost of the instructor’s time. The more people, the less each one has to pay, see?)
In group classes, the trainer is basically your coach – teaching you how to train your dog. You will need to practice at least once a day (better if it’s multiple times a day for short periods) in order for your dog to learn what you’re teaching. I liken it to learning to play the piano. If you only play for the hour that the teacher is there, you will never learn to play the piano. You have to practice every day. Same thing with dog training!

Advantages of Group Classes:

  • Your dog learns to work around the distraction of people he doesn’t know as well as other dogs.
  • As mentioned, the cost of a group class is much lower than either private training or day training.
  • There’s usually a great sense of camaraderie with your classmates.
  • People can often pick up new ideas by watching others with their dogs.

Disadvantages of Group Classes:

  • My attention will not be focused on you and your dog only.
  • You must travel to group class.

If you are interested in having your dog trained in your home and having me do the training instead of you, see Day Training. If you’re interested in having your dog trained in your home but want to do the training youself, please see Private Training.

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