Group Classes means training your dog in a small group. Click to read more about this way of training.
Day Training means having the trainer do the training – in your home! Click to read more about this way of training.
Private Training is coaching you, in your home, to train your dog. Click to read more about this way of training.

Need help deciding which course is right for you and your dog? This might help!

(And do see the Group Class Training page for descriptions of the various courses I offer!)

Have a new puppy or are considering getting one?
Raising Your Pup! is a one-time, 2 1/2-hour class for humans only that helps you feel prepared with your new puppy and answers a ton of questions.

If your dog has had little or no training, Basic Obedience & Manners is for you.

Want your dog to earn his Canine Good Citizen or Advanced Canine Good Citizen? Help him earn each title in Intermediate Obedience & Manners/CGC, and Advanced CGC Preparation.

Your dog knows his basic commands and you want to go further and continue honing his skills? Your next step is Intermediate Obedience & Manners/CGC, and then Advanced Obedience & Manners.

You’d like your dog to prepare to be a therapy dog? If he has his basic obedience, Therapy Dog Training is for you.

Want to be amazed by the power of the canine nose and teach your dog to locate items by scent? Nose Work is the class for you guys! No previous training necessary, either.

Want to do agility with your dog and learn the basics of using the various equipment? Have a look at Agility for Fun & Focus.

Dog knows his basic obedience but you want to add to his manners at home and with other people? Home & Social Manners is definitely for you.

Want to make sure your dog knows how to behave and listen to you in the real world, not just class? Training in the Real World is the class for you if your dog has already completed Basic Obedience.

Want to have some fun with your dog? As long as he will sit, down, and stay on cue, Dog Tricks and Games or Games for Obedience class might be right up your alley. Super fun classes – we play games like Musical Mats, Simon Says, obstacle course, etc, that are so fun your dog won’t even know he’s polishing his obedience. Lots of laughing and cheering at these, and some neat tricks too!

Your dog doesn’t “fit” in any of the above? No problem! That’s why, for private and day training, I offer custom-designed courses!   Contact me and let’s talk!