Humans-only Training

Some classes are just for the humans – no dogs in these classes! They are one-time classes – not long courses – and are designed to provide information. Offered as group classes or private lessons. Below, you will find the classes I currently offer as humans-only classes. (If you’re looking for general group class info, look here. Info about Day Training, click here. Info about private lessons, click here.)

Raising Your Pup! – This class is offered as a group class or as a private lesson. This one-time, 2 1/2 hour class will arm you with tons of knowledge, education, and tips about raising a puppy. The objective of this class is to help you feel confident in raising your new puppy well. Perfect if you have a new puppy, are preparing to bring one home, or are considering getting one. We will cover topics such as housebreaking, mouthing/teething, chewing, whining/crying, understanding behavior and how best to change it when necessary, how dogs communicate, socializing the pup, house manners, obedience overview, exercise, grooming, nutrition, health, responsible dog ownership, toys, and more. A new puppy can sometimes be overwhelming (especially if you’ve never had one or haven’t had one in a while) and feeling prepared can help an awful lot. If you need information and/or want to ask lots of questions, this is the class for you. Click here to see my upcoming group class schedule.

Housebreaking – This 1-hour class is offered as a private lesson. Everything you ever needed to know about housebreaking your puppy or older dog is covered in this one-time class. (Because housebreaking issues aren’t generally solved in one fell swoop, email or phone follow-ups are available.) Learn the basics of housebreaking, and we will troubleshoot your specific issues, too. If housebreaking is your only issue or concern, this might be for you.

Breed/mix selection / Puppy or dog selection – Private lesson only. Some breeds (or types of mixes) are better suited to certain families, and some definitely aren’t. For example – a really sedate family choosing a high energy dog is asking for behavioral trouble down the road. Same in reverse – a high energy, active family choosing a fairly sedate dog is going to be unhappy. It’s always great when a family or individual calls me before they make a final decision on type of dog. So many problems can be avoided with a careful choice. I speak at length with all of the people involved and give suggestions as to the type of dog that would do well in their home. Then I can assist, if wanted, in locating a quality breeder, reputable rescue, or even scouting the shelters around us. Finally, I am available to travel with you to the breeder, the shelter, or where the rescue dog is being housed, and evaluate the temperament for you. With a litter of pups, this would involve guiding you to the temperament of dog best suited to your family (every pups’ temperament in a litter is different!). With an older pup/adult rescue dog or shelter pup/dog, it would involve meeting the dog and getting a decent idea of his temperament before you make your final decision. Past clients have told me that it was great to have someone with them who has much dog experience to help them pick the right dog/puppy for them. Combine that with good training and you will have yourself one great-to-live-with dog!

If you are having trouble deciding what course might be best for you, contact me.