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If you’re looking for a Dog Trainer, look no further you have come to the right place and have found the best in the business! I tried other trainers (locally) and have found Samantha to be far superior with her expertise and knowledge for dogs and training. Thank you, Samantha, for such a wonderful experience.

Tracy, West Nyack, NY – loved by Brady, Labradoodle

PAWSWITHMANNERS IS THE BEST! I heard of her through a customer in a retail store I work at, so I decided to give it a shot. After I researchedtyson_benzoni many other trainers. I first called Samantha to inquire about her training. To my surprise I received a phone call back without hesitation. She was so kind and helpful and I hadn’t even signed up for the class but yet she was willing to help. Wonderful! That sold me. She is a wonderful person and trainer inside and out. I would without hesitation recommend Paws with Manners.

Carol, Northvale, NJ – loved by Tyson, Dachshund

How do I begin to describe how utterly fortunate we are to have worked with Samantha? Not only did she help us through navigating the sometimes difficult process of successfully adopting a rescue dog, she has been with us every step of the way to make sure that we and Mischief, our aptly-renamed border collie mix, got off on the right paw. Mischief is a three year old female border collie/Sheltie mix who had previously been a Manhattan basement dog. She has a ton of energy, mischief_clarkhad never learned even the most basic commands, and had never even been walked on a leash! Her manners, frankly, were appalling. And yet – she is totally lovable, and we couldn’t imagine giving up on her. Now coming up on her third month in our home, thanks to Samantha’s sound advice, ready availablility, and infallible rapport with her canine students, Mischief has stopped having accidents in the house – she hasn’t had one in over a month, in fact. Our little Impulse Monkey, as we quickly nicknamed our wacky pup, has learned to sit, walk on a loose lead, now waits patiently for me to say “Okay!” before diving into her dinner bowl, and is even learning to sit and wait calmly for me to give her the word before she runs out the door for her walks! Our dog had three years of BAD habits that she had to unlearn in order to learn all the good manners Samantha so gently and kindly had in store for her, and she has come an enormous way in only three months. Most of her training was done in the six week Basic Obedience Class, although we did have a private lesson as well, and are glad we did. Oh, and one other thing – the day I found out the hard way that THIS silly dog eats fallen geranium petals (toxic…) and then throws up all night, I was beyond glad I had taken “The Natural Dog” class and learned what to do. Of course, it happened when no vet’s office was open yet – doesn’t it always? I texted Samantha, who got back to me immediately, and then Dr. Fischer, the Hillsdale vet who collaborates with Samantha in that class, was on the phone with me before his office even opened. He asked a couple of questions, calmed me down, and made sure I remembered everything we discussed in class. Following his advice, I wound up being able to treat her myself instead of having to take an expensive trip to the vet. She is fully recovered, and I moved the plants to another room. Totally recommend Samantha and ALL her services – she cares enormously about her clients, both canine and human, and she really knows her stuff! Five stars!

Karen & Jonathan, New City NY – loved by Mischief, Border Collie mix

I searched all over Rockland, Bergen and Orange for over a month for the best of the best for my puppy. I am a very busy person and not a fan of roxy_donikowskiplaying phone/email tag. Out of all the trainers I talked to Samantha was the only one who emailed me back right away and was happy to answer all my questions before I even signed up. It is clear that she loves what she does. She is always available to answer questions and I ALWAYS get a response within hours. She is a very kind and patient person and the only one I will trust with my best friend. If you are looking for the best for your dog, she is it.

Delia, Nanuet NY – loved by Roxy, Labrador mix

We had what we thought was an untrainable out of control dog, we were wrong. She learned to be obedient. We are registeringsophia_ronda for another class being offered. The teacher was a pleasure and very knowledgeable.

Valentin & Silvia, New City NY – loved by Sophia, Cockapoo

Samantha is so knowledgeable and so patient. I was the one who needed the training! Having a two year old dog that still steals food off the table, counter and even out of your hand is enough to make you crazy. I went to her group class and told her my problems. She told me how to stop it and it worked. The most important advice was that I was in charge, not my dog. Priceless!”

Jeanette, West Nyack NY – loved by Trixie, Standard Poodle

Sammy is my 3rd pup. I never needed a trainer, but his ‘doodle’ personality traits were becoming an issue. I was getting discouraged and sammy_arbitmanthought a puppy trainer was the way to go. How grateful I am that I found Samantha. She creates a warm nurturing environment for the pups and owners. Her ability to provide individualized instruction in a group setting is outstanding. Lessons are easy to follow, and there’s an appropriate amount of time divided amongst training, practice, and reinforcement. Samantha is exemplary in her abilities to instruct these classes.
Sammy will be moving up to the next level of classes. I’m looking forward to learning more techniques that will assist me and Sammy in becoming a better team.

Renee, Nanuet NY – loved by Sammy, Goldendoodle

The puppy obedience class was crucial to us in raising a well-mannered dog. Although we need to continue to practice and implement what we learned daily, the class and training was very clear and easy to follow. Samantha was fabulous and answered all our questions before we even registered. She gave us so many ways to help our puppy adjust to her new home. layla_singerIn addition; she gave us weekly class review notes and her website was very easy to navigate.
We loved our experience and know we can continue educating ourselves as dog owners with Samantha’s incredible array of informative classes. We highly recommend this program for any dog owner.
Thank goodness for Samantha!!!

Mindi, Montebello NY – loved by Layla, Coton De Tulear

My wife and I brought our 3 month old male Labradoodle to Samantha’s puppy training class. He started knowing bradley_manneNOTHING and left with basic behavioral skills thanks to Samantha’s patience, knowledge and willingness to be creative in order to get the desired results. Samantha gets you to believe your dog will learn proper behavior and she will persist until the desired results are achieved. She is personally an extremely congenial person and a pleasure to work with.

Ken & Katina, New City NY – loved by Bradley, Labradoodle

My experience with Paws With Manners has been great. I am the proud owner of a rescue Golden Retriever tjenna_busmanhat was in desperate need of some manners! Samantha went above and beyond what I expected. She is not only lovely, kind, and pleasant, but is so knowledgeable and great with my dog. My dog is now much more attentive, and pleasurable on a leash.  I would recommend Samantha to anyone, and will use her again in the future!

Judi (and Mindy!),  Suffern NY – loved by Jenna, Golden Retriever

We just completed Samantha’s Therapy Dog Certification program. It was a very positive experience for me and my super dixiechickendog, Dixie Chicken! Not only is she ready to give some comfort to sick folks, we really bonded even more than usual and she is excited by our training sessions…. I recommend Paws with Manners wholeheartedly!

Larry, Bardonia NY – loved by Dixie Chicken, mini Goldendoodle

I fell in love with a friend’s Tibetan Terrier. It was all physical attraction, Tibetans look like teddy bears. I wanted one, I searched for a breeder who was responsible and within a five hour driving range from my home. I found one in Carol Adams at Gamine Tibetan Terriers in Massachusetts. Her website has this warning: “It is strongly recommended that new puppies are enrolled in a puppy harrison_mottikindergarten/beginning obedience class. This not only serves to help raise a well behaved adult dog and socialize the puppy in a controlled environment, it also helps the new families learn to speak ‘dog’.” I visited my new pup twice before bringing him home for an hour or two each time. I brought my pup Harrison home when he was 12 weeks old. At Harrison’s first vet appointment I inquired about dog training and was referred to Paws With Manners. Harrison received his S.T.A.R. Puppy certificate after completing Basic Training. He was invited to “compete” in a local Dog Show at a local Nursing Home and he behaved fantastically alongside Golden Retrievers and Great Danes. He wooed the residents with his puppy charm and came away with some ribbons. All do to the excellent training he received in his classes with Samantha. We went on to Canine Good Citizen from there. Tibetans are notoriously ornery but somehow Samantha was able to help me break through all that attitude. We are planning on continuing training so Harrison can become a Therapy Dog. We’ll keep you posted.

Roseanne, Nanuet NY – loved by Harrison, Tibetan Terrier 

My big puppy Charlie and I had a great time in all the classes we’ve taken with Samantha – they were excellecharlie_friehlingnt! Charlie was always excited to be heading to school – and his behavior & socialization skills continued to enhance. Charlie and I both had a lot of fun and learned so much. Samantha is a great teacher and works so well with all dogs! I’m looking forward to continuing Charlie’s doggy education with Samantha and Paws With Manners!

Josh, Congers NY – loved by Charlie, Pit Bull mix 

Can’t say enough great things about Samantha and Paws with Manners. My dog, Becky and I have learned so beckyquinlanmuch from our Basic Obedience Classes, CGC Training and Home & Social Manners classes. Samantha has a great way with the dogs and with the people. The classes were fun and our home is a more peaceful place with the skills we learned. If you have a puppy or adult dog, I would definitely recommend taking classes with Samantha at Paws with Manners!

Vincenza, New City NY – loved by Becky, Border Collie mix

Possum, our 4 month old black lab puppy was in dire need of training! I asked the staff at my vet’s office to recommend a good trainer andpossum the rest is history. Possum, now 8 months old has made good progress working with Samantha at Paws With Manners. We both benefitted from the puppy class and basic obedience class. Samantha’s methods are great and her patience and expertise had made a huge difference in the way both Possum and I have learned to behave. I’ve discovered that not only Possum needed training, but so did I! Possum is still a “crazy” lab puppy but she is so much better behaved, understands basic commands, and is walking so much better on a lead at this point. We expect to take some additional training with Samantha as Possum continues to “grow up.” Samantha is professional, personable, and really knows her stuff! You won’t be disappointed in her trainings.

Peggy, New City NY – loved by Possum, Labrador Retriever

I have enjoyed the class so much. Samantha is spectacular. Utter patience and love for the subject, she knows how to treat each barneykolodog (and owner as well).
I recommend her class to anyone truly wanting to improve your dog’s life.

Tina, Tarrytown NY – loved by Barney, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix

We recently adopted a 12 week old lab/terrier mix puppy who was very mouthy who would nip and bite hard. After 3 private lessons at our home with Samantha the nipping and biting has subsided. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank You Samantha! Excellent Trainer!!

Susan & Scott, New City NY – loved by Maxine, Pit bull mix

Samantha was wonderful working with Milo and with me. She was able to get Milo ( 1 year old) Morkie, to focus, and become very well disciplined. It is hard to imagine this change in just five weeks! This is the first of 4 of my dogsmilo to be professionally trained. I accomplished some of the lessons with my dogs…. but I realize now that I would have had better results in an incredibly shorter amount of time.
I would strongly recommend Paws with Manners and Samantha. This was a pleasant and important learning experience for me and my little buddy!

Cally, New City NY – loved by Milo, Maltese/Yorkie

I found out about Paws with Manners through our community and as I had just recently rescued a chiweenie through the HVHS thought it might be a good idea to try some obedience classes. I’ve been a dog owner all my life but with our last dog passing away after 13 years my husband was dead set against another animal in the house! I missed the companionship that a dog gives you so convinced him that I would be a good dog owner this time around and learn everything I could because previously I let the dog run our lives and I didn’t want that to happen again. Samantha right off the bat was a good instructor and trainer giving me guidance on what class would be best for my Zeus. I am so greatful for her wonderful instruction and patience in helping me help Zeus to be a good puppy! I learned so much and hope to continue to learn from her as I want to sign up for the next step class!
Thank you Samantha for making me a good dog owner.

Miriam, New City NY – loved by Zeus, Chihuahua/Dachshund

Willie is a 2 1/2 year old Yorkie with a mind of his own. When I signed Willie up for a basic obedience class with Paws with Manners neither of us had any idea as to what we were in for. Samantha the instwillie_shirlawructor has a special gift when it comes to dealing with and training dogs. She seems to understand their language and rewards positive behavior. Samantha is also very patient with us humans. I’m extremely pleased with the progress Willie made in just 6 weeks. He now responds to basic commands which he didn’t do prior to taking this class. Both Willie and I highly recommend Paws with Manners.

Marianne, Nanuet NY – loved by Willie, Yorkshire Terrier

Even though we were veteran dog owners, adopting Mars was a challenge we did not anticipate. He is a lovely and very smart puppy, but energetic to extreme with some habits like jumping on people and nipping.mars_rainstein It was his way of displaying affection and desire to play. We found Samantha’s training class through Clarkstown education booklet. I cannot give enough praises to Samantha for her patience and guidance. Mars was a quick study, he is still inclined to jump and nip but instantly follows commands which spares us some embarrassing moments. Samantha is a very experienced trainer and we were able to observe how she worked with different dog personalities and issues. Also, I loved that Samantha involved her son and father in some of her classes. Awesome experience and would recommend to anyone who needs training for their dogs.

Alex & Margaret, New City NY – loved by Mars, Flat-coated retriever mix

My unruly but sweet dog, Willie, and I enrolled in this class without knowing anything about Samantha or Paws with Manners. And now, after only six weeks, Willie is trained, for the first time ever. She’s 10 years old and a terrier mutt who did whatever she wanted (my fault, of course). In every second of the class, she wagged her tail, and I could see her transforming into a more watchful and better-behaved dog. She used to run to class she loved it so much. Samantha is absolutely excellent: professional, kind, knowledgeable, smart… I can’t believe how great this all has been. We hope to sign up for the advanced class. And this, when only 6 weeks ago, Willie didn’t listen to anyone but the Treat Gods!

Caroline, Valley Cottage NY – loved by Willie, Terrier mix

We cannot say enough about Samantha and how much she has helped us do the right thing by our puppy Jameson. After three of our five children moved out of the house we decided it was time for a family dog. We chose Jameson, a German Shepard, knowing he would be a big dog but were not prepared for how fast and big he would grow! Three months in a row he gained 20 pounds and is now 100 pounds at not even 9 months! He would have taken over our home if Samantha had not shown us how to teach him impulse control and a hundred other things. Everything she has told us about the breed has been spot on and we never would have made it without her. Jameson is a loveable puppy despite his size. Children in our neighborhood can approach him safely because we and he know what to do. Guests can come to our home without worry. Priceless!! We plan to continue with Samantha in the future and look forward to all we can learn.

Marion & Doug, West Nyack NY – loved by Jameson, German Shepherd

I picked up my new adorable Maltese puppy without properly preparing for her. I read several articles on training and general care, talked to friends and watched tv shows about dog training and still I had no idea how unprestarla2pared I was. My dog was hyper and uninterested in pleasing me by behaving. I was completely overwhelmed by my puppy’s behavior and by my unanswered questions. In many ways dogs are like our children, but in many ways they are not. Sometimes we have to go against what our natural instincts tell us. Sometimes it is we humans that need the training. Samantha showed me how to not only teach my dog good manners and how to redirect all of her unbounded energy, she patiently answered all of my questions, reassured me and gave me tremendous peace of mind. We are now enrolled in Samantha’s class in preparation for the Canine Good Citizen’s test (C.G.C.). I am thrilled and feel confident in my pursuit of having my dog become a therapy dog.

Thank you Samantha!

Julia & Peter, Valley Cottage  NY – loved by Starla, Maltese

We can’t begin to say enough wonderful things about Samantha! Our now 9-month-old Portuguese Water dog, Guinness, is so incredibly obedient and well-trained thanks to her fabulous dog training.  We first met Samantha in PetSmart as we were shopping and preparing for our new puppy. She was there picking something up (she doesn’t work there!) and I’ll never forget how she began to help us as the poor PetSmart employeeGuinness was struggling to answer our endless questions, especially since we had never had a puppy before.  Samantha spent almost an hour of her time with us in the store, calmly answering our questions and giving us advice.  And that was after only JUST meeting us!  We immediately knew then that she would be the ideal person to help us train our new puppy.  One thing about Samantha during our weekly sessions that was truly unique and always stood out to us was her incredible amount of patience and her “calming” effect – not just with our puppy, but with us!!  She was always so professional yet warm, knowledgeable, and encouraging.   Samantha always had such a soothing tone to her voice yet at the same time was firm when necessary.  Her knowledge and expertise with dog training was excellent.  She had a great way of explaining techniques and reviewed them over and over until we felt we were ready to use them with Guinness.  Samantha really got to know not only Guinness, but each person in our family as well.  She truly took a personal interest in each one of us and honed in on what we needed to “work on” individually with our training of Guinness.  Samantha’s willingness to speak to us at any time  — whether it was via email or on the phone – was another way she always assisted us.  Never did we hesitate to contact her when we had a question.  She ALWAYS expertly and professionally calmed our anxieties while providing us with valuable information and advice.  We always felt felt better about any issues after seeing Samantha! She had answers to EVERY question we asked and gave opinions and advice without making us feel “inferior” or “bad.”
We are so grateful to Samantha for always being so patient and kind while helping us train our puppy. Guinness is the greatest dog – so well trained, obedient and most of all, happy.   Without a doubt, Samantha is the best!

Diane & Patrick, Orangeburg NY – loved by Guinness, Portuguese Water Dog

Choosing Samantha (Paws With Manners) as my dog trainer was the 2nd best dog-decision I made. (The first was choosing my pup!) After I brought home my 6 month old puppy Leah from a shelter in NYC, I knew I’d need to get some help. I had read a bunch of books, but real life was a bit different and I was finding myself with numerous questions that the books weren’t answering. My neighbor had used Paws With Manners and was very happy (AND has a very nicely behaved and happy dog) so I asked her for the number and called Samantha. She came and met Leah and gave me some insights on shelter dogs and how they can have some different issues than other dogs – and some issues the very same!  We set up a program of what I needed with Leah and what Leah needed from ME, and Samantha set about teaching it all to us. Training was a little overwhelming for me in the beginning because my last dog lived to 17, so it had been a while since I dealt with a bouncy 6 month old and I was also working full-time. But we managed and this incredibly patient woman stuck by me all the way through. She never got annoyed with me, never got tired of my ENDLESS questions, never got frustrated with having to show me the same thing 100 times until I finally got it right.  She was warm, SUPERB with Leah, gentle, and absolutely without question knew what she was doing. I was not EVER uncomfortable with anything she was showing me to teach her (or how to teach it either). Leah ended up a lovely, sweet, happy, tail-wagging, WELL-BEHAVED sweetheart. I attribute a whole lot of that to Samantha and her guidance. My sister just got 2 Yorkie pups and I told her that she needs not even think about it – just call Samantha!

Grace, Suffern NY – loved by Leah, Spaniel/Setter/Collie/?? Mix

Also see our reviews on Google and on Angie’s List!!

Graduating clients: Click here to submit a testimonial